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In the software industry, the technology could be a library, a framework, database, or a software product.

Note that these teams will be increasingly composed of ML and AI engineers than of programmers, because you will compete with other teams using trying to leverage ML and AI.

This may sound like an exciting opportunity, but remember that only a single or a handful of teams will survive. And it will be very-very hard to join the winning team, because they will be hiring only the best people in the world. I'd only approach this path with caution and a good deal of humility: if some team hired you, are you indeed among the best in the world, or this is just a mediocre team that will go out of business in a few years?

This principle may not apply to the real-world technology such as batteries, devices, or electric vehicles, because the markets of the real-world things are more local.


References It is the nature of modern civilization to consolidate production through specialization. So the one person in the world who’s best at anything gets to do that for everybody.